April 29

Rama Sengupta Paul
Rama Sengupta Paul (66), the Veteran lady mountaineer has passed away in Kolkata, West Bengal. She led the first successful all-women expedition to Kedarnath Dome in Garhwal Himalaya.
John Singleton
Director John Singleton, who was 51 yrs old and made one of Hollywood most memorable debuts with the Oscar-nominated Boyz N the Hood, has passed away.

April 20

Bengali folk singer Amar Paul dead
Amar Paul (96), the legendary Bengali folk singer, has passed away in Kolkata on April 20, 2019.
Paul was born on May 19, 1922, at Brahmanbaria in undivided an area now in Bangladesh, he started taking music lessons from his mother.
He learnt classical music from Ayat Ali Khan and folk music from Mani Chakraborty and Suren Chakraborty.
In the early 1950s for the All India Radio he surfaced as a folk singer he lent his voice in a number of films including Satyajit Ray's "Hirak Rajar Deshe".

April 19

America’s first female astronaut candidate dies
America's first female astronaut candidate, pilot Jerrie Cobb (88), who pushed for equality in space has died.
In 1961, Cobb became the first woman to pass astronaut testing. Altogether, 13 women passed the arduous physical test and became known as the Mercury 13. But none of them could ever reach the space.
Cobb died in Florida at age 88 on March 18 following a brief illness.

April 13

The legend of Liverpool football, Tommy Smith, one of the key figures of the Liver Pool Club’s golden era is dead at the age of 74.
He was the defense player and he was nick named as 'Anfield Iron'.

April 11

British standup comedian Ian Cognito (60) has died on stage during a gig.
Show organizer told that Cognito sat down and fell silent, during his show and everyone in the crowd, including the show organizer thought he was joking.
Cognito, whose real name was Paul Barbieri, never achieved wide fame but was highly respected among fellow comedians.

April 7

Sydney Brenner, a 92 year old, Nobel prize winning Biologist passed away
Sydney Brenner is a Nobel prize winning Biologist, helped to decipher genetic code and worked on a research that sparked a new human disease called a roundworm.
He shared his Nobel Prize in medicine on his work on how genes control cell division.

April 2

Film director J. Mahendran (79) passes away on 2nd April
J. Mahendran, who is known for directing evergreen and award winning films like 'Uthiri Pookal' and 'Mullum Malarum', passed away on 2nd April, 2019.
The genius, who was brought to cinema by late M.G. Ramachandran, gave us several memorable creations which were ahead of their time and redefined filmmaking in Tamil cinema.
He is not only known as a veteran director but also as an actor in films like Theri and Petta, he was also a successful journalist, playwright and scriptwriter.