international - 2019 JANUARY

January 1

France to introduce tax on global internet, technology firms
The finance minister of France Bruno Le Maire announced that France will introduce its own tax on large internet and technology companies from January 1.
France has been pushing hard for a new so-called 'GAFA tax' - named after Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon - to ensure the global giants pay a fair share of taxes on their massive business operations in Europe.
About France:
President: Emmanuel Macron
Capital: Paris
Currency: Euro

January 2

India, Pakistan exchange list of nuclear installations
India and Pakistan exchanged for the 28th consecutive year a list of their nuclear installations under a bilateral agreement that prohibits them from attacking each other’s atomic facilities.
The two countries also exchanged details of civilian prisoners and fishermen lodged in each other’s jails.
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) India handed over to Pakistan lists of 249 Pakistani civilian prisoners and 98 fishermen in its custody.
Pakistan gave India lists of 54 civilian prisoners and 483 fishermen in its custody, who are Indians or are believed-to-be-Indians.
About Pakistan:
President: Arif Alvi
Prime Minister: Imran Khan
Capital: Islamabad
Currency: Pakistani rupee

January 4

Trump Signs Asia Reassurance Initiative Act Into Law
U.S. President Donald J. Trump signed into law the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA), which passed the U.S. Senate earlier in December.
According to the White House, the act establishes a multifaceted U.S. strategy to increase U.S. security, economic interests, and values in the Indo-Pacific region.
Specifically, the ARIA will authorize $1.5 billion in spending for a range of U.S. programs in East and Southeast Asia and develop a long-term strategic vision.
About US:
President: Donald Trump
Capital: Washington, D.C
Currency: Dollar

January 5

Pakistan abolishes visa on arrival for Afghans
Pakistan abolished the long-standing facility of visa on arrival for Afghan nationals.
The Immigration Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency cited increased security risks from the western border as a reason for the move.
The move to restrict Afghans came as Pakistan has already decided to issue ‘on-arrival’ visas to citizens of 24 other countries to increase tourism and investments.
About Afghanistan:
Capital: Kabul
Currency: Afghani
President: Ashraf ghani

Five nations assume charge as Non- permanent members of UN Security Council.
These five countries will hold a two-year term in the Council with effect from 1st January 2019.
This will be the Dominican republic’s first time on the Security Council.
They will fill the seats vacated by Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands and Sweden on December 31, 2018, after serving a two-year term on the 15-member Security Council.
About UNSC:
Head quarters: New York

January 6

Pakistan declares Panj Tirath Hindu religious site as national heritage
The announcement which stated that a fine of 2 million Pakistani rupees and five years imprisonment to be awarded to anyone found guilty of damaging the historic site was made under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Antiquities Act of 2016.
Panj Tirath, which got its name from the five pools of water present there, also contains a temple and a lawn with date palm trees.
The five pools of the heritage site now come under the ambit of Chacha Yunus Park and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
About Pakistan:
Prime minister: Imran Khan

New Nepal law requires children to deposit money in parents’ bank account
The Nepal Government is set to introduce a law which makes it mandatory for the children to deposit 5 to 10% of their income into the bank accounts of parents to ensure their wellbeing.
The government will present a bill on the amendment to the Senior Citizens Act, 2063 (2006)with such a provision.
The main objective of the proposed Bill is to ensure the security of senior citizens.
About Nepal:
Capital: Kathmandu

U.N. calls for probe into Bangladesh elections
The United Nations called for an independent and impartial investigation into the election in Bangladesh in which Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won a third straight term amid accusations of violence and voting irregularities.
Hasina's Awami League (AL) party won 96% of seats in Bangladesh's parliamentary elections.

Under new law, Saudi women to be notified of divorce via text message
Women in Saudi Arabia will be notified by text message if they are divorced under a new law designed to protect them from having their marriage ended without their knowledge.

The new law, that came into effectwas seen as a way to end secret divorces and ensure women are fully aware of their marital status so they can protect rights such as alimony.
The move comes as Crown PrinceMohammed bin Salman has started to give women more rights in the conservative kingdom, which included lifting a ban on women driving last year.

January 7

Iran approves anti-money laundering bill to ease foreign trade
Iranian council known as the Expediency Council approved an anti-money laundering bill to ease trade.
Iran has been trying to implement standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an inter-governmental organisation that underpins the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.
Iran is alone with North Korea on the FATF’s blacklist - although the Paris-based organisation has suspended counter- measures since June 2017 while Iran works on reforms.
About Iran:
Capital: Tehran.

Norway PM Erna Solberg arrives in Delhi for three-day visit
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj met visiting Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg in New Delhi.
She will hold talks with her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi on a host of issues.
During her visit, Solberg will deliver the inaugural address at the Raisina Dialogue and address India-Norway Business Summit.
About Norway:
Capital: Oslo

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan Taro Kono will arrive in Delhi today on a 3-day visit to India.
He will also attend the India Japan Friendship Forum.
Australian Foreign MinisterMarise Payne will also be on a three-day visit to India.
About Japan:
Capital: Tokyo

Australian Foreign Minister Ms Payne visits India to widen Indo-Pacific partnership
Payne will address the Raisina Dialogue on how Australia and India can work together and with regional partners to deliver a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific.
General Angus Campbell, Chief of the Australian Defence Force, will also participate at Raisina.
About Australia:
Capital: Canberra

New Nepal law requires children to deposit money in parents’ bank account
The Nepal Government is set to introduce a law which makes it mandatory for the children to deposit 5 to 10% of their income into the bank accounts of parents to ensure their wellbeing.
The main objective of the proposed Bill is to ensure the security of senior citizens
It talks about the responsibility of the children to take care of their elderly parents.
But the law is being formulated to make it mandatory for the children to make a financial contribution to the care of their parents.