state - 2013 NOVEMBER

November 24

After Phailin and Helen, Andhra Pradesh is now being threatened by Lehar Cyclone.
Lehar intensified into a severe cyclonic storm on 24th November after being identified as a well-marked low pressure area by the Indian Meteorological department (IMD).

November 27

The cyclonic storm Lehar hit the Andhra Pradesh coast and caused severe damage in the coastal region. The tropical cyclone Lehar was centered about 520 km east-southeast of Machillipatnam and 470 km southeast of Kakinada in Bay of Bengal. After cyclone Phailin and cyclone Helen, this is the third severe cyclone within a month.

The 9th International Heavy Minerals Conference (HMC 2013) was held in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh from 27th to 29th November 2013.
* This is the ninth in series of biennial International conferences that focus on the heavy minerals industry. This conference was held for the first time in India by the Mining Engineers Association of India (MEAI) in collaboration with and support from the Government of India, other professional organisations and industry.