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24964You eligible for UG courses only. BSc Hotel management Graduates are only eligible to do MHM courses. Notifications released in February / March.3792608/17/2018 2:49:28 PM 379260challikonda hemanth kumar
24960<P>Take Hindi as one main subject in Degree level. After that join hindi Pandit Training course. </P><P> </P>3792608/16/2018 3:00:41 PM 379260Venkatesh yadav B.
24953We don't have any details about EJS notification.3792608/16/2018 3:03:05 PM 379260sai bodiga
24951<P>All exams are converted from off line to Computer based So previous papers are not available. Go through below link you will get few papers. </P><P><A href=""></A></P>3792608/15/2018 3:23:23 PM 379260Narayana Swamy
24944Yes She is eligible for Special posts of SGT.3792608/15/2018 3:20:29 PM 379260ajay kumar
24941Yes. CTET wualified candidates are eligible for AP DSC.3792608/15/2018 3:15:51 PM 379260Rojesh Kumar M
24940AgBSc is not possible with that rank. 3792608/15/2018 3:14:54 PM 379260Vyshnavi Vanka
24938Not possible. Because you already studies Intermediate. Better to join Degree course and after that think about BEd.3792608/15/2018 3:13:45 PM 379260Venkatesh yadav B.
24937Except language section Question paper is in English and Hindi only. 3792608/15/2018 3:11:47 PM 379260RIYAZ SHAIK
24936No problem with certificate courses parallelly with B.Ed. You can finish that course after B.Ed also. So first join BEd after that finish Certificate course. 3792608/15/2018 3:06:49 PM 379260RIYAZ SHAIK
24935Yes. Aspirants from AP state also eligible to apply for Telangana JL posts. Reservations are not applicable to other state candidates. 3792608/15/2018 3:01:51 PM 379260BASAVAMMA GOTTIMUKKALA
24934You have to take approvals from both colleges. talk to your college principal he will guide you. 3792608/13/2018 3:07:47 PM 379260Srinivas Chary
24933two different courses in same academic year is not possible. AMIE is not from IGNOU it was offered by Institute of Engineers India.3792608/13/2018 3:09:56 PM 379260Pranay Kumar
24931First read ALL the instructions carefully. You wili get the details.3792608/13/2018 3:12:12 PM 379260narahari prasad
24930Not possible because you already finished 10th class. 3792608/13/2018 3:13:33 PM 379260Venkatesh yadav B.
24926you already studied 10th class So not possible through APOSS/ NIOSS3792608/11/2018 3:06:02 PM 379260Venkatesh yadav B.
24922You can Do PG parallelly with BEd. But that is not Good idea. Because you didn't claim those degrees officially on applications. For Govt jobs it creates risk also. First consontrate on BEd after that join PG. With this you can claim 2 degrees officially. 3792608/11/2018 3:12:31 PM 379260chittibomma jyothi
24918Details are available in FBO notification. Read that.3792608/10/2018 2:29:49 PM 379260laxmi gedam
24917<P>Still you are eligible for State Govt jobs. You can write Group-1, group-2, Group-3, Group-4 exams by APPSC/TSPSC. Apply these posts whenever notification is released.</P>3792608/10/2018 2:33:06 PM 379260pappu ramesh
24914Yes After Degree you are eligible for BEd course. 3792608/8/2018 3:18:41 PM 379260Rojesh Kumar M
24912<P>Search in google. Go through below link for spoken English lessons</P><P><A href=""></A></P>3792608/8/2018 3:20:45 PM 379260Kadiyala Pavan
24908You are eligible for groups, civils, bank, railway, ssc ...etc exams.but, not eligible for school asistant posts. Regulor intermediate education is mandatory for govt teacher posts.3792608/7/2018 2:37:58 PM 379260Sai kumar
24907You will find more opportunities with GATE and IES exams. PSU jobs are filled with GATE score only. Central government Class-1 Engineering posts are recruited by UPSC- IES.3792608/8/2018 3:13:02 PM 379260Gopi Nadh
24891Nizamabad District 3792608/8/2018 3:08:16 PM 379260akshay Kumar
24889oracle and SAP both Good and useful for Commerce Graduates. SAP is bit advantege. After learning course from any institute try to finish certifications on SAP. 3792608/3/2018 3:05:32 PM 379260Fathima Zahra
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