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24490first decide between MBA or MTech. Based on your skills, knowledge, intrest choose one. Both are good options. In which institute you studied is only the matter.3792605/24/2018 4:44:13 PM 379260SANDEEP KUMAR
24487NET is the best option after MBA. NET qualified candidates are getting jobs in B-Schools and MBA colleges. With MBA degree you can try for Bank jobs.3792605/24/2018 4:46:36 PM 379260gopi reddy chilakala
24485NSE and BSE are offering PG Diploma Courses on Stock Markets. MBA (Stock Markets) course is available in many B-SchoolsA. Admissions are based on entrance tests score (CAT or MAT or Special exam by the institute) 3792605/24/2018 4:50:48 PM 379260inampudi venkatesh
24483If you good in Programming you can try for software jobs. Based on your education background MBA is best option to you.3792605/24/2018 4:52:20 PM 379260v janardhana
24482You are eligible for learning software courses. But without B.Tech Degree you are not eligible for jobs.3792605/24/2018 4:53:38 PM 379260DurgaRao Guttula
24480You need not pay fee for EJS. Admissions are based on performance in prelims, Mains, GD and Interview. Wait for next notification may be in December or January.3792605/24/2018 4:58:10 PM 379260satheesh varma
24478You are not eligible for SI posts of Railway. Need not apply.3792605/24/2018 6:22:08 PM 379260Narendar Nsk
24476Read syllabus accordingly mentioned in the notification. Attempt at least 10-15 of Mock tests. 3792605/24/2018 6:23:55 PM 379260v kumari v kumari
24475Use mock counselling of PGECET-2017 (we dont have those details)3792605/24/2018 6:25:08 PM 379260Veerendra Sanampudi
24474<P>Dates are not announced by TSPSC.</P>3792605/24/2018 6:27:29 PM 379260narahari prasad
24473It is possible through Department Tests based on experience. (minimum service is required at least 3-5 years) He can get those details from his higher authorities.3792605/24/2018 6:29:34 PM 379260LOLUGU HEMANTH NAIDU
24471you will be treated as a local candidate of Chittore only. Where you are staying is doesn't matter. From Which place (District) you finished your school education from 4-10 is only the criteria.3792605/24/2018 6:32:06 PM 379260SREE NIVAS
24469Choose any course/ branch based on your intrest only. All are equally good. So many M.Tech branches/specializations are available for B.Tech Mechanical candidates. Try to join any course with valid GATE score. 3792605/24/2018 6:35:26 PM 379260Ragolu Nagaraju
24467go to MRO office and get BC-D certificate. Then only you will be treated as a BC candidate. 3792605/24/2018 6:36:52 PM 379260john babu
24466B.Tech Metallurgy course is available JNTU-H and few colleges are offering this course. BSc- Metallurgy is not there in AP, Telangana3792605/24/2018 6:39:04 PM 379260geetha rao
24458You are not eligible for that.3792605/24/2018 6:43:57 PM 379260mahesh bathala
24457Admissions are based on TSICET. So many colleges are offering MBA-IT. 3792605/24/2018 6:49:41 PM 379260VAMSI CH
24456It will take few months for those notifications. Follow <A href=""></A> for material and latest notifications, model papers.3792605/24/2018 6:51:13 PM 379260lavanya maddukuri
24455you will get the syllabus details with notification and previous papers. It is similar to bank clerk exams.3792605/24/2018 6:52:49 PM 379260sai krishna
24453Take decision based on your personal intrest and skills. hardware networking is good option. Along with this parallelly join any degree course through distance mode of study.3792605/24/2018 6:57:12 PM 379260Muhammad Abdul Ali
24382Yes you are eligible AP TET.3792604/25/2018 3:47:31 PM 379260vajeed vajeed
24380University of hyderabad, Osmania university and Bhadruka..etc are offering MBA health care, hospital Administration courses. Admissions are based on performance of written test. Check OU, HCU websites.3792604/25/2018 3:50:29 PM 379260v janardhana
24379Choose any degree based on your intrest and skills. If civils is only your aim you can consider History, Economics, Polity/ Public administration subjects in degree. Without intrest don't choose any combination of subjects.3792604/25/2018 3:58:42 PM 379260sai teja
24332<P>Architecture graduates are getting govt jobs in Irrigation, Roads and Building department, City urban building planning department, Corporations...etc. Notifications issued by TSPSC and APPSC.</P>3792605/24/2018 5:08:42 PM 379260siva sankar kotha
24331Specific books are not available. Refer Telugu Academy books and Inter/ Degree History text books.3792605/24/2018 5:11:48 PM 379260laxmi gedam
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