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Australia Announces Fast Track Visas for Indian Travellers

   Australian Government has planned to introduce a fast-track visa for Indians, and UAE nationals. The multiple entry visas are also under consideration for the individuals from Vietnam, India, Thailand and Chile. The multiple entry visa duration would be for three years. This announcement was made during the Federal budget announcement.

   According to the Statistics released by the Australian Tourism, India is one of the largest senders of the tourists to the Australia. In 2015 over 233 000 Indian travellers visited Australia, the spending power of the Indians was adding greatly to the Australian economy. Indian tourists contributed over 1.1 billion dollars to the Australian economy.

   The initiative is to raise the revenue of over 1.5 million Australian dollars for four years. For the fast track system of application, the Government will introduce capacities and equips the visa processing machinery with the self-service options.

   Indians ranked as the 10th largest money spenders in Australia, and they are 8th largest in arrivals to the kangaroo land.

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