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   Just a couple of days before the release of a major parliamentary committee report, on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), a new report has been released by the Conference Board of Canada's (CBC) National Immigration Centre. The report, ‘A Primer on Canada's Foreign Workers’ released by the CBC gives an insight of the broader perspective of the Canada's immigrant working population.

   The CBC report indicates that, Canada's foreign worker population is constantly growing and will continue to do so, despite the fact that the TFWP population has declined in past few years.

   Michael Bloom, V.P., Industry and Business Strategy, the Conference Board of Canada in this regard said that, "Workers entering Canada under the TFWP make up only a slice of Canada's diverse foreign worker population, which includes International Mobility Program workers, international students, those awaiting permanent residence in Canada, and refugee claimants. All these individuals are able to work in Canada on a temporary basis. Ensuring that foreign worker programs benefit Canada is a matter of reconciling the needs of federal, provincial, and territorial governments, industry, and Canadians and foreign workers."

Major highlights of the report were:

   360000 plus people got their temporary work permit take effect during the year 2014.The figures indicated an increase of 64% in last 10 years. Adding to the above, approximately 212000 foreign students got their permit to study effective, whereas many of them got permit to work in Canada temporarily as well.

   During the year 2014, the TFWP accounted for only 26% of the individuals who got a temporary work permit.

   Increase in the foreign worker population continued due to increase in the number of students entering Canada who later on got temporary work permits. Despite a noticeable decline in the number of TFWP population, Canada will observe an overall rise in the foreign worker population as a result of increase in the number of foreign students entering the country. The foreign students make a noteworthy share to the list of the international workers entitled to partake in the Canadian labor market. The number of the students is expected to see a further hike as the federal, provincial, and territorial governments are encouraging more international students to study in the country.

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