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Canadian immigration Temporary worker visa restrictions lifted

The Canadian federal government has paved the way for firms to recruit more foreign workers following the removal of certain restrictions placed on temporary seasonal workers from overseas under the Canadian Temporary Foreign worker program. The decision has come as a relief to some Canadian companies, especially those in the country's seafood processing sector.

Under the previous Conservative government, a cap was placed on the percentage of an employer's workforce that could be staffed with low-wage, foreign workers on temporary Canadian work visas. The cap currently stands at 20 per cent of an employer's workforce, which is set to be reduced on July 1, 2016 to 10 per cent.

In February, the new Liberal government exempted seasonal industries, which employ workers for a maximum of 180 days, from the cap. Despite the exemption, employers are still required to undergo a labour market assessment for each job role to confirm that any vacancy cannot be filled locally. Yet, for 2016, there will be no ceiling on the number of overseas workers employers can bring in under the programme.

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