Immigration Updates - South Africa


   South Africa is known for its convenient visa processing for intra-company transfers, short term work agreements and skilled visas, because of the fact that the work visa can be applied at the South African high commissions in the foreign national’s home country without the need to first obtain pre-departure work and residence permit approvals, as a result of the approval process, supporting documents requirements have been relatively liberal.

   South Africa being member of The Hague Apostil Convention since 1995, it never implemented the process of documents being apostil-led till date, earlier the overseas consular used to accept original documents and copies of documents, which had been authenticated by the issuing authority, without requiring legalization or apostil.

   However no official confirmation or announcement is made by the South African Immigration department whether this is a formal change in the policy or apostil-led documentation is required for all types of visas. Therefore, aspirants who are looking forward to apply any visa to South Africa should anticipate an additional step in their immigration process.

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