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Change In UK Visa Rules Has India Concerned

Indian government has expressed concerns regarding changes in UK’s visa rules. Nirmala Sitharaman, Commerce and Industry Minister, said “The government has taken up the matter bilaterally with the UK government at various levels, and expressed concerns over the changes in UK visa rules.”

UK announced that non-EU immigrants who arrived in the country after April 6th 2011, who are working under the Tier 2 program and make 35,000 pounds yearly; can apply for settlement/PR/indefinite leave ONLY AFTER five years of staying in UK. The workers who do not comply with this requirement cannot live and work in UK for more than 6 years.

Due to this change in the rules, thousands of Indians are going to be affected. Major categories of professionals, working in UK, are from India. They have been fulfilling the country’s job requirements over many years. That’s why the Indian government is expressing unease regarding alterations in UK visa rules.

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