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Indian Consistently Opposing UK's Stand On Tier 2 Visas

   India one of the largest sender of the students and skilled professionals to the Great Britain has raised the issue of the new Visa norms that impact the Indians living in the United Kingdom.

   The new Immigration will impact the Indians living in the UK on various domestic works. As the salary threshold for the Tier 2 category has been increased above the national average of the United Kingdom.

   In 2015, Indians who entered the United Kingdom through the Tier 2 visas are high if the law takes the form, then it would lead to deportation of many Indians with the valid tier 2 visas.

   The Indian commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in her written statement to the Lok Sabha has explained the current situation to the parliament.

   United Kingdom upon advice of the migration advisory committee (mac) introduced laws that hinder the working rights of the people from non-European countries. The new recommendations would largely impact the Indian IT companies as well as the competitiveness of the UK software industry.

   Indian software professionals in the United Kingdom are the largest group that will impact through the changes. The employees under the Tier 2 category whose salary threshold is below the 35 000 pounds will have to lose the visa rights in the United Kingdom.

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