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Best innovators in US are overseas work immigrants

   The Arizona’s Republican Senator Jeff Flake, introduced legislation to that place a new visa program to counter the skilled shortages issue of the United States economy. The bill aims to fill the gap created by the temporary skilled program of the United States and the long-term visa that recruits highly specialized skills.

   The new bill modifies the willing workers and willing employers act and allows the immigrants with below bachelor’s degree education. The 10 year pilot program would attract the individuals for non-agriculture sector.

   The United States employers are facing difficulty in bringing workers to their respective industries. When it comes to highly specialized skilled areas, L-1 category has been successful in bringing managerial level professionals and other specialized areas of skill shortages to the United States.

   The other category is E-2 investment treaty visa that allows the US to welcome individuals who had a pact with the United States. The quota system of the United States allows H2B
non–immigrant visas to enter the United States to work in meat packing, landscaping, construction and nursing. The US allows the graduate level highly qualified professionals through the H1B visas, the annual quota for that is 85000 permits.

   Many employers in the United States would welcome the move of introducing new visa program. Some opine that is desperately looking for the overseas worker is bad for the US economy, based on the experience and success of the skilled migration to the United States.

   The United States is benefited mostly from the contribution of the immigrants, and the immigrants have become the massive political debate in the upcoming presidential elections.

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