Education in New Zealand

Getting your New Zealand VISA

Processing time for visa is about 3 to 6 weeks. The visa officer will conduct a check of all the documents submitted like education certificates, financial documents and work experience documents. (For a detailed list please contact any of our offices.)

Some students may be required to attend a telephonic interview with at New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi or provide further information to enable the visa officer to make a decision. Students will be required to show NZ$15,000 per year towards living expenses as finances for visa purposes. Under the new FTZ scheme students can optionally deposit this into a specially designated bank account to be released periodically during the course of study.
Once the visa officer is convinced and all the requirements have been met, students will be advised in writing that their application has been approved in principle. Students will be given a month to submit the following documents - Fee receipts issued by the New Zealand Education Institute and any other specific requirement .
The visa will be issued not earlier than 14 to 21 working days prior to course commencement. The student visa will be valid for a period in proportion to the duration of the fee paid. If a student pays fees for the entire duration of the course then visa is issued for the full term of the study.

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