APPSC > Group - I > Mains > General English

1. ESSAY (A minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 250 words): 20 Marks

  • Choose any one topic from a list of five. (Descriptive/ analytical/ Philosophical/ based on Current Affairs)
  • 2. LETTER WRITING (in about 100 words): 10 Marks

  • A formal letter expressing one's opinion about an issue. The issues can deal with daily office matters/ a problem that has occurred in the office/ an opinion in response to one sought by a ranked officer etc.
  • 3. PRESS RELEASE/ APPEAL (in about 100 words): 10 Marks

  • The PR or appeal should be on an issue pertaining to a recent concern/ problem/ disaster/ rumours etc.
  • 4. REPORT WRITING (in about 150 words): 15 Marks

  • A report on an official function/ event/ field trip/ survey etc.
  • 5. WRITING ON VISUAL INFORMATION (in about 150 words): 15 Marks

  • A report on a graph/ image/ flow chart/ table of comparison/ simple statistical data etc.
  • 6. FORMAL SPEECH (in about 150 workds): 15 Marks

  • A speech (in formal style) that is to be read out in a formal function. This could be an inauguration speech, an educational seminar/ conference, a formal ceremony of importance etc.
  • 7. PRECIS WRITING: 15 Marks

  • A precis in about 100 words for a 300-word passage.

  • A reading passage of about 250 words to be given followed by short-answer type questions.
  • 9. ENGLISH GRAMMAR: 20 Marks

  • Multiple choice questions set from the following list:
      a. Tenses
      b. Voice
      c. Narration (Direct-indirect)
      d. Transformation of sentences
      e. Use of Articles and Determiners
      f. Use of Prepositions.
      g. Use of Phrasal Verbs
      h. Use of idiomatic expressions.
      i. Administrative Glossary
      j. Synonyms/ Antonyms
      k. One-word substitution
      l. Cohesive devices/ Connectives/ Linkers
      m. Affixes
      n. Words that cause confusion like hononyms/ homophones.
  • 10. Translation: 15 Marks

  • Translation of a short passage (of about 150 words) from Regional language to English.