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           N M S Desai

          Associate Professor

          Head,CSE, KITE.

        Computer Science Engineering has established itself to be one of the most employable branches. The computer industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the world’s economy and this growth promises to continue well into the next century. To maintain a competitive edge, this discipline requires readily usable graduates. 

        It becomes necessary to update oneself and keep ahead so that one can explore the new avenues of employment and career.  Here are some tips to plan your career along with the job profiles in this ever expanding industry that promises to be so at least next couple of decades.
    Employment Career Options
    Software Developer:
    Recruitment Process: This is the most sought after career by almost all the engineering graduates. Many software development organizations recruit fresh engineering graduates. However, primary mode of recruitment through campus placement drives. Some organizations recruit through pool drive process where students belonging to some or all of the colleges in a geographical
    area required to gather in a campus and they are then recruited as per the recruitment policies.
    Job Profile: The typical job profile involves writing programs for diverse applications like web based applications, interface developments, software maintenance, software services.
    Recruiters: Government Organizations, MNC software organizations, Banks, Indian Software Organizations, Insurance Companies, Healthcare Organizations etc.
    Career path and Required Skill Set: A programming job requires a very creative mind and lots of dedication. starting as a programmer, you can go up to the level of a CIO provided you learn all the tricks to take more and more responsibilities. You should also develop yourself as a business manager who can handle projects effectively and manage clients effectively. If you are a proficient programmer, clients will have a lot of good faith in you not only because you have the right skill sets. Skill in programming languages, preferably one language in each domain for eg. C/C++/JAVA/.NET/C# etc. is required.
    Software Maintenance
        This is another promising career option that is available for CSE and IT graduates in engineering. Most of the Organizations take software development projects as turnkey projects. This means that the developer organization also accepts the responsibility of implementing the software, training the user, and maintains the software assuring of the prost sales service. Organizations recruit candidates through both on campus or direct recruitment methods.
    Job Profile: The Customer Support Engineer or software support executive post involves training the customer on how to use the software, and provide after sales support to the customer organization. The engineer is responsible for developing small patch programs to adapt the software to the customer’s needs and also implement the software in the customer’s premises i.e., the customer support engineer will also be responsible for deployment of the software.
    Recruiters: MNC Software Organizations, Banks, Indian Software Organizations, Insurance Companies, Healthcare Organizations etc. Banks and Insurance sectors constitute one of the largest recruiters in this domain.
    Career path and Required Skill Set: The career path of customer support engineer is equally promising as that of a developer. One can grow as Customer Relations Manger, Director of Customer relationships and other senior positions for Corporate relationships.
    The skills set required are excellent communication skills, very good public relations apart from basic technical skills in the programming skills. Knowledge of how business works is also required to be acquired.
    Software Tester
    Testing plays an important role in the development of new IT programs. Tester works closely with software designers and program managers to understand more about what each product is meant to do, its key features and who will use it.
    Job Profile: Tester will run several tests on the software developed by the developer.
    These tests include functional tests, customer scenario testing, stress testing, performance testing and scalability testing and international testing. The ultimate goal is to iron out any bugs and improve the quality of the finished product. Job involves testing of the software both by automated testing tools as well as manual testing. Testing software that work in E-Commerce, Online Exam, Job Portal, Enterprise project management applications, content management applications, embedded systems, network testing can be a challenging task.
    Recruiters: All the software development organizations recruit software testers along with the developers. Some organizations like APLABS specialize in only testing. However, one should have a training undergone to be recruited.
    Career path and Required Skill Set: Career as a software tester stable and has average growth potential. One needs to undergo some special training on software testing tools like Win Runner, LOAD RUNNER, QTP, SILK etc. Exposure to open source tools like WET is an added advantage. None of these tools are offered in the engineering course. Knowledge of Operating systems, Databases like SQL is must for many domains.
    System Administrator
        A system administrator or sysadmin is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems; especially multi-user computers, such as servers. The system administrator seeks to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of the computers he or she manages meet the needs of the users, without exceeding the budget.
        To meet these needs, a system administrator may acquire, install or upgrade computer components and software automate routine tasks write computer programs troubleshoot train and/or supervise staff; and provide technical support.
    Job Profile: System administrator is responsible for engineering and provisioning of the software project life cycle needs..He is also responsible for operations support that include establishing and maintaining networks, configuring various hardware and software, install and maintain network related hardware and software, daily system monitoring. Attend to both software and hardware related problems.
    Recruiters: Every Organization both government and private sectors recruit system administrators. They are normally given the flexibility of working shifts.
    Career path and Required Skill Set: The career of a system administrator is stable with reasonable growth. The required qualifications are a degree preferably in engineering, certifications like CCNA, MCSE, Linux administration will fetch a job early.
    Database Administrator
        A database administrator (DBA) maintains a database system and is responsible for the integrity of the data and the efficiency and performance of the system. A database administrator is responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring and maintenance of databases in an organization.
    Job Profile: The role includes the development and design of database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity and planning for future expansion requirements. They may also plan, co-ordinate and implement security measures to safeguard the database
    Recruiters: All the organizations in software development, Data analysts, Survey analysis organizations, Banks, Healthcare organizations etc.
    Career path and Required Skill Set: The career in DBA is excellent with very good prospects of growth. The person can become MIS Specialist also. Required skills include Communication skills, Knowledge of database theory, Knowledge of database design, Knowledge about the RDBMS itself, e.g. Oracle Database, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Adaptive Server Enterprise, MaxDB, PostgreSQL, Knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL). Certifications like “Oracle Certified Professional” will fetch the job much faster.
    Other job opportunities are listed below
    * Hosting Service Management
    * SAP Systems Management
    * Business Systems Analyst
    * CGI Special Effects Technician
    * Client-Server Systems Manager
    * Computer Operator
    * Computer Systems Specialist Supervisor
    * Computing Hardware Systems Engineer
    * Data Analyst
    * Data Processing Manager
    * Embedded software
    * Enterprise Architect
    * Game Developer
    Hardware Designer
    * IT Recruiter Software
    * Mobile Phone Application Developer
    * Mainframe Systems Engineer
    * Multimedia Programmer
    * SAP ABAP Programmer
    * SAP Finance Consultant
    * SAP Project Manager Custom Development
    * SAP SD Consultant
    * Software marketer /Software Sales
    * Software Trainer
    * Visual Arts Coordinator
    * Windows Systems Engineer
    Higher Education
        An alternative career plan is to pursue higher studies. Opportunities exist to pursue higher qualification both in India as well as abroad. Many Universities are offering several specializations for B.Tech CSE and IT students. The table below gives the specializations in M.Tech in India and MS in US.
    This list is not exhaustive and the reader is urged to get more details from the particular university.

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