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           Professor & HOD, EEE

        Vice Principle GITAM - Hyd

       Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) is the core of all branches, where every branch is born from EEE. A person who graduated from EEE has a wide range of opportunities ranging from software to core branches. EEE has a wide scope of research ranging from development of electrical vehicles to power production and transmission.

            There is a high demand for EEE Engineers in Public Sector Units (PSU’s) like NTPC, BHEL, NACCO. Not only in PSU’s, it also provides wide range of opportunities in other service units like APGENCO and APTRANSCO, which act as the backbone of power production and transmission on Electronic companies like Intel, Apple, Nvidia are striking for new ideas which can be provided by electrical engineers. The electronics industry is always a subject of change, every year new-gen products come and go with more developments, thus they have a high scope of development and opportunities. Due to upcoming crisis in fossil fuels, the future balances on non-conventional energy are source which is a promising field for electrical engineers. Another thing is that maximum students and parents are thinking EEE branch is tough. No, exactly wrong thinking on this matter, EEE branch is an easy and normally above 60% in intermediate students can do better in this branch.

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