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  • Attract The Employer in a Trendy Way
         The fundamental purpose of writing a resume is to advertise your skills and sell yourselfto the prospective employer in the best possible way. Every year lakhs of graduates come out of their colleges or universities with their graduation degree. The employers scrutinize thousands of resumes in a day. It is evident that your resume should attract the employer and the first step of making him call you for an interview is fulfilled.
         Resume writing is an art in itself. It should convey “not only what you possess but also what you are capable of.” The screening procedure in any interview process starts with the scrutiny of the resume. Hence extreme importance and attention is required during its preparation.
         Any fresh graduate should focus on certain considerations to make an effective resume like:

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    How to Create an Eye Catching CV...?
         Your CV is the first interface you have with your employer. Make the most of this opportunity. The employment market is changing all the time and so have CVs, evolving from a one-size fits-all standard. Here are some tips to convert your CV into a catching one.Follow These Basic Standards.
    Tips for CV preparation:
    • Don’t overcrowd your CV allow for plenty of white space.
    • Keep your CV to one page whenever possible.
    • Keep the number of fonts you use to a minimum – two at the most.
    • Use a font that is easy to read. Times Roman works well.
    • Do not justify the lines of type on your resume. Allow the right side of the page to “rag.”

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