Civil Engg.

Develop an Eagle’s Eye!

  •  Dr.N.V.Ramana Rao

    Registrar & Professor

    Civil Eng,JNTU,Hyd

         Every year lakhs of engineering students are in a state of dilemma regarding what to do for a final year engineering project and finally end up doing mediocre projects of no relevance affecting their employability and career opportunities. It is important to understand that doing a good engineering project requires a different mindset or attitude. Doing a final year project is different from studying and passing a subject in a particular semester.

         A project work requires exploring or finding something new in the field of specialization or branch one is pursuing.It involves looking at known things in a different way or creating new knowledge or use of existing knowledge in a new and creativity way so as to generate, new concepts, methodologies and understanding. It is very important that one has the right environment before doing a particular project. If you work in a nice environment your vision, effectiveness and productivity increases. Go to library, read lot of books, magazines and periodicals, attend lot of seminars, expert lectures, exhibitions and workshops in your area of specialization during the course of your study. Refer other recent project reports in your area of specialization. Get insight in to current happenings. Go to the Google Scholar. Google is a good source for accessing updated information from every nook and corner of the world. Surf various other search engines available on the internet. Scan for information with keenness. However, before choosing a particular project have clarity on what interests you and why. Do not invent the wheel.
           To do a good project one must develop an eagle’s eye. Observe and pay attention towards details. Don’t be content with what you know. Develop the urge and surge to know more and more. Develop passion to learn further and further. Be sincere, disciplined and organized. It is very important to choose a good supervisor for your project. A good supervisor gives you direction on what to do and what not to do. He helps you in planning and coordinating your resources and time. Getting the support and blessings of a knowledgeable and efficient guide is a boon, since it is he/she who makes you competent and core competent. It is he/she who enables you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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