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    Asst.Prof. English

    GITAM, University.

      English has been a powerful language for communication. It plays a prominent role in job opportunities, higher studies as well promotes global interaction. Simply, it has become the language of the world.The teaching of English has been implemented since school days in India. The children are taught grammar, prose, poetry and non-detail. ICSE and CBSE course outline gives importance to communicative English.
                However, the present day corporate studies especially at intermediate level focus on core subjects and English has become a subject of passing.

          As the students are deprived of knowing the importance of English language, they read or by heart the answers without proper understanding. At engineering level, English occupies a significant role as the goals and aims of students changeconsiderably. Students aim for higher studies mostly away from India, high profile jobs, top business trades etc.
          In recent times, syllabus designing has been upgraded drastically and when the students enter the engineering studies, instead of prose, poetry and non-detail, they find topics related to practical education inculcated with computer aided teaching and learning. In fact, different universities like GITAM, JNTU, Osmania etc. made it mandatory to establish English language lab and communication skills lab. The students are exposed to various English language software, online materials, web based instruction, audio visual aids. The students are made to focus on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills apart from improving grammar and vocabulary.
          Listening skills encourage the learners to develop vocabulary, structures of language and speaking skills. Pronunciation skills - Vowels, Diphthongs & Consonants; Accent, intonation and rhythm become a part of their syllabus design to familiarize them towards American English and British English and neutralize the articulation.
         Speaking activities like Just A Minute, Group Discussions, Debates, Role plays, elocutions, mock interviews etc. familiarize them with fluency. Reading activities involve information gathering, comprehending ideas, context familiarization, critical thinking etc.

       Writing activities involve creative and innovative writing, technical paper proposals, abstracts, quality publications etc.
       Grammar and vocabulary development involves higher level of understanding synonyms, antonyms, sentence or paragraph formation, analogies, corrections, verbs, prepositions,  structures, idiomatic distortions,
        Keeping in view of high profile jobs and the recent advent of software companies which promote relocation within in India or abroad, communication skills, personality development and soft skills occupy a vital role.

    Process of Learning

         Apart from paragraph, précis, letter writing, students are made to concentrate on email writing, resume preparation, cover letter, letter of recommendations, agenda, preparing minutes of the meeting, reports, technical papers etc.
         The student is made to develop concentration, understand the context and respond accordingly. Watching TV channels like CNN, BBC etc.
         The students are made to work in pairs, groups and develop interactive communication. Participation in mock interviews, presenting ideas through PPTs, audio visual aids, making prepared speech or extempore(unprepared speech), public speaking activities are of utmost importance.
         Inculcate the habits of reading newspapers, maganizes, online libraries for gathering information and improving vocabulary and grammar.

         The student is learnt to come outof  the teacher centerd approach to learner centered approach where his active involvement and participation are to be focused. The learning process should involve the overall development of LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING AND WRITNG SKILLS along with improvement in grammar and vocabulary skills.

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