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    Prof. M.Potharaju, PhD
    GITAM University.


         The recruitment process depends on the type of company conducting the recruitment. The process followed by IT companies is different from that of Core companies. The process adopted by the IT companies is slightly changed during the last two years due to the recession in industry and due to the type of services which they undertake. The main companies in IT sector follows a three phase screening process.

              Performance in the written examination
               Performance in the technical round
              Performance in the HR round
              Previously, these companies used to follow only a two phase screening process which includes performance in written examination and HR round. Since the business of the companies demanding the technical skills, companies are looking for fundamental knowledge in their core subjects during his course of study. Further due to the recession in the industry the companies have discontinued the practice of exempting the top ranked students from the written examination since two years. Almost all the major companies like TCS, Wipro, CTS etc., are following the same procedure.
             Due to the recession in the industry the companies are preferring to take laterals (experienced) than freshers. Hence companies are expecting the students to have hands on experience in the concerned subject in order to reduce their training cost by offering the internships or projects.
             Some of the companies like Microsoft, Oracle Corporation etc., are giving importance to the candidates who have undergone various value added certificate courses like JAVA certification, DB2, RAD, Microsoft Certification Course etc., during the selection process.
    Changes in written test, group discussions and interviews:
             Majority of the companies are conducting written test to assess the performance of the students in reasoning, verbal and writing skills. The change observed during the last three years is that the companies are engaging outsourcing agencies for conduct that the
    companies are engaging outsourcing agencies for conduct of written test in online in view of large number of aspirants and to avoid the repetition of questions.
    Reasons for Failures:
             Majority of the students are failing in the Technical round due to lack of knowledge in the core subjects. The candidates have to undergo the course of study during their course work seriously.
             Majority of the rural background students are failing in the HR round due to lack of communication skills and difficulty in understanding the questions posed by the Expert Committee. They are also facing difficulty in the interview process due to lack of “General Knowledge” (GK).
    Lessons to be learnt:
    The students should focus on the fundamentals of the core subjects and their practical application in the field.
    The students should cultivate a habit of reading English newspapers and watching English news channels BBC News daily in order to improve their communication skills and general knowledge, current affairs.
    The students should take the advantage of the professional societies like IEI, ISTE, CSI, IETE, IEEE etc., in improving their personal skills.
    Skills required for success:
             In view of the heavy competition due to the recession the candidates shall acquire the following additional skills in addition to the academic excellence.
    Being abreast of new technologies.
    Being confident in the fundamentals of core subjects.
    Being confident in the application of the concepts.
    Acquiring additional skills like AUTO CAD, DB2, RAD, STAAD PRO, CADENCE etc.,
    Acquiring industrial exposure in the form of industrial training, internship.
    Cultivating a habit of thinking creatively.
    Verification of Social websites:
        Some of the companies are looking into the social websites like linked in, a professional network to check how he maintains the relationship with corporate people to develop his skills.
    Dress code shall exhibit his personality and discipline. Rehearsals in front of the mirror at home may be useful for selection of dress and improvement of body language.
    Body language shall be pleasing and impressive. The expressions shall be in agreement with the answers.
    Communication skills will play major role in the IT companies. Habit of communicating in English during day to day life with parents, peer group, teachers will be highly useful.
    Avoid using SMS language to improve writing skills.
    Participation in conferences, technical fests, debates, discussions with teachers will enhance the communication skills.
    Cultivating habit of answering questions by the teachers in the class will create confidence in the subject.
    Maintaining good etiquette in the institute and in get-togethers will be useful for assessing behavioral skills.
    Feedback from the peer and teachers will be highly essential for betterment of our attitude.
    Stress Management:
    Proper planning, practice and execution are the three key steps for avoiding stress.
    Adopting ABC philosophy – i.e. Awareness on what we want Balancing how we are doing and Control on the way of going.
    Attempting for placements with confidence and without worrying much about the result.
    Preparation of Resume:
        The resume shall consist of the academic accomplishments, memberships in professional bodies, community involvement, co-curricular activities, special skills, project works under taken, extra-curricular activities and personal details.
        The companies will give weightage to the co-curricular activities such as paper presentations, participation in conferences etc. The paper presentations shall include the Name of the organization, Title of the conference and Abstract of the paper. Due weightage will be given to the nature of the work carried out by the candidates during the project work. The project work shall include the abstract and the application of the work relevant to the field. Any work carried out by the candidate in the industry apart from the project work during his study period shall be highlighted in his resume. The resume shall also include the lectures given by experts attended by the candidates during his study period including the name of the resource person and the topic.

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