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  • Master yourself in Networking !
         Bygone are the days when one searched for job opportunities in newspapers or TV advertisements and posted ones bio data, mostly hand written or regular one page printed copy usually bought from shops and await for weeks and months for a reply from a single company.
    The present day media leaves a job seeker with multiple options of finding a job opportunity. The bio data is outdated and cover letter, text resume, video resume, or curriculum vitae became essential to create the best impression. The applicant is no longer dependent only on newspapers or TV advertisements. Thanks to social media, networking sites, and blogs for global interaction.
    Any individual can create a blog in a few minutes. Some sites provide blogs free of cost also. Blogs give an opportunity to connect to friends, colleagues, recruiters; share opinions; display interesting topics; discuss, debate or argue views and beliefs; reveal likes and dislikes; exhibit one’s own talent, potential and capabilities.
    Some tips:
    ● Don’t share confidential information.
    ● Don’t comment on any company or organization.
    ● Don’t post anything in haste.
    ● Spend considerable time on what you write.
    ● Create a blog that is relevant to your job search.
    ● Limit to only a few people who can access it.
    ● You can preserve privacy and share personal opinions by blogging as anonymous.
    ● You can create a unique IP address, and use a pseudonym.
    ● Ping servers can help you protect your privacy like
    ● Be careful about whistle blowing.
    ● Blog safely, carefully and securely.
    There are many blogs available for the applicants who seek a great career:
    Career Hub, Life After College, Penelope Trunk, The Daily Muse, Mashable Jobs, simplyHired blog, Spark Hire Job Seeker, Careerealism, The Undercover Recruiter, brazen life, Ms. Career Girl, Resume Bear, Guerilla Job Hunting etc. provide you with tips and information about career
    prospects and job opportunities.
    It a social networking site that allows you to connect with many people and increase your professional networking. It aids in searching an appropriate job. This site:
    ● Allows you to post your updated profile.
    ● Connects and gives access to view profiles of others.
    ● Permits to search for companies.
    ● Links with people who are already working and seek support from them.
    ● Provides you with a number of recommendations made by others based on your key roles, thus helping the recruiter estimate your potential.
    ● Gives you many professional references.
    ● Allows to mail and message to the connections available for a quick and quality job search.
    ● Links with your blog and updates your posts to your connections.
    ● Connects with twitter and updates your twitter conversations to LinkedIn connections.
    ● Provides with status updates
    ● It connects people with common interests.
    ● Links with some companies.
    ● Employers and companies post their job openings to facilitate job seekers with opportunities.
    ● It gives access to link to your online CV.
    ● It gives access to job search tools and resources.
    Face book:
    It is one of the most popular networking sites commonly used for personal networking. It also provides many opportunities for professional networking.
    ● It provides with status updates.
    ● It links with your blog.
    ● It connects with linkedIn and Twitter accounts.
    ● Provides an option to tag with people for quick spread of message.
    ● It provides with many facebook applications like: Monster's Facebook app beKnown, branchOut, careerBuilder, InqBoo, LinkUp, Inside Job, CareerFriend, salary calculator, Hire My Friend, work with us by Jobvite etc. These applications provide an updated job postings, internship opportunities, company profiles, current openings, invitation to friends searching for jobs etc.
    These applications can be accessed by visiting Facebook Application Directory and can be installed for quick and prompt job search.
    If you want to be successful, then you need to master yourself in networking. It helps you to build professional contacts and thus provides an opportunity to find a suitable job

                                                  ::Good Luck!! ::



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