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Developing Scientific Attitude and Temper!



        HOD, EIE

      GITAM, Hyd.

         Learning by doing can be achieved only by doing experimentation or practical work. Any course of Science and technology which does not provide time for lab or practical work is incomplete and leads to efficient teaching.

    Equipments of Practical Work
         On every practical turn, a student must carry with him the following things to the laboratory so that he is well equipped to perform various type of experiments

    1. Scale 2. Eraser 3. A pencil 4 observation note¬books 5. Laboratory record books

    Following are the importance of practical work

    1. Learning by doing
         Practical work follows the basic principle of Learning by doing. The student’s gets an opportunity to actively participate in the learning process.

    2. Training for adjustment
         When students know basic things about electricity, electronics, sanitation etc. they depend less on others for minor repairs.

    3. Scientific knowledge and Scientific Outlook
         Practical work helps in acquiring of scientific knowledge and scientific outlook, the twin main objectives of teaching science.

    4. Handing of Objects
         By doing experiments students learn how to handle and operate apparatus etc.

    5. Development of good habits
         Through practical work the students learn many good habits like resourcefulness, initiative, co-cooperation etc.

    6. Satisfaction of curiosity
       Validity of the concepts learned by the students can be tested by experimentation. This satisfies basic human desire of knowledge of what, how and why of things.

    7. Development of Scientific attitude
         Lab work develops scientific attitude and scientific temper.

    8. Motivation
         By doing experiments, students are motivated to know more and more of science.


         As per the percentage concern of the subject, 30 percentage or credits are from practical work and remaining are from the theoretical examinations. If one concentrate well in practical, he/she could easily expects good marks. Concentrate includes reporting fairly of every lab experiments with neat graph, related theory, commenting on result analysis, precautions, and last but not least problems faced in the concerned work.

         It is a good habit to submit the result of one’s own work though they are not reaching ideal values. Subject is well understood with failures in the beginning and if unable to execute the work accurately, better to troubleshoot in steps from the beginning.

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