• Balance the Contents

         Your project report should be written like a story, interesting to read and understand. Adhere to the University standard format or style. Use the right word to convey the right meaning. You have to develop the vocabulary, you cannot use general words. The people who are going to read, interpret your project work are entirely different people.
    Some points to remember while writing a project report
    * Acknowledge the source from where material or information is borrowed. Acknowledging the sources of reference enhances your own credibility.
    * Describe the benefit to society of your project work.
    * Be sure your grammar is correct if not perfect.
    * Ensure every word is correctly spelled.
    * Your project report is not based on its weight, volume or size. Be brief and avoid concentrating on too many details and minor issues. You have to balance the contents.
    * Use easily legible fonts and use generous margins.
    * Proof read your project report before you submit.
    * Submit your project report on time.
    There is no use submitting a project report late and getting disqualified. Plan your time well for various activities involved in a project work. Have a well defined timetable for completion of the project. A project report is intended to convince others that you have done a worthwhile project and that you have the competence to do it.

    - Dr.N.V.Ramana Rao

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