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  • A Need for Career Enhancement

         Prof. B. Sandhya
     GIT, GITAM University
         Personality Development is about all- round development of a person. It is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving that makes a person unique. From siblings to spouse, from boss to peon everyone expects a good person with small good thought, word and deed- a person who is likeable, worthy and pleasant. A good personality is not just the physical attributes--tall, handsome, good physic or fair, slim, and attractive countenance, but also amicability, friendliness, patience, endurance, leadership, sociability, time sense, loyalty, commitment, responsibility, and trust worthiness.
           These things are to be sowed and nurtured at home, developed and trained at school, practiced and implemented at work place. In the good old days, children were observed, guided and admonished by parents and teachers on how they ate, sat, wished and greeted; how they spoke, what they spoke, to whom they spoke - postures, gestures, etiquette and language - were watched, checked and corrected, and the children quickly and finally corrected themselves. Parents and teachers neither doted nor dictated but guided sternly and affectionately, the children learnt the lessons properly. They were neither pampered nor disciplined but yet behaved well.                                       

           But now as preferential single child he is pampered so much and the parent does not have the strength and will power to correct or admonish him. In these economic hard times with both the spouses working and becoming very busy, they have no time or patience to guide the children. The parents do not realize the need and efficacy/urgency of such may be because they feel that they are not very important as long as the child is good at studies. But unfortunately, it is not realized that good ethical/value-based foundation that starts at home culminates in good education and behavior. Parents are worried only about their child’s EAMCET/IIT ranks but overlook his mental stamina. They are interested in the branch which will fetch him a job with a fat salary but ignore his aptitude or interest. They are blinded by their own expectations of their children. They are interested in his CGPA but not in his all- round development as an individual. They prove their love by buying him BTech seat or Black Berry cell phone but do not bother to find if he is really happy or wants something else. In the campus the student is only interested in scoring marks by hook or crook, either by mugging up the lessons or trough some other means. He is not very keen or curious about the subject nor is mindful of his mannerisms and observant of his behavior, but only tries to imitate and emulate the latest fashions and styles.

           So, educational policy makers have introduced Personality Development as part of curriculum in most of the courses, especially in Technical courses. The onus is on the institutes to prepare graduates to boldly face the challenges of the world. The objective of this course is to inculcate traits like pleasing manners, positive thinking, motivation, confidence, commitment, loyalty, and social etiquette; and also enhance skills like Communication skills, behavioral skills, stress management, time management, and conflict management in the students.

           Expectations, besides the academic qualifications and financial status of a spouse or boss, the requirements of a matrimonial column, for a good bride/groom; to employment recruitment for a good employer – is a good, amicable person, one who says the right things at the right time in the right way to the right people at the right place - Language, intonation, pitch, expressions, gestures etc all appropriate and effective.
           Concern for others, naturally, will make him a considerate person at home or office. One with a sense of belongingness and civic sense to let others also live a comfortable and peaceful life as one would want for himself to be. It is no use simply being nice to people at office or home with a fake smile which will fade away very quickly. Pretentiousness and pomposity will not earn the respect of people. With eloquence you can fool some people for some time but not all people all the time. Only your hard work, sincerity, honesty, conviction, and balanced behavior will earn you the trust of everyone. Discretion, empathy, true to oneself, judgment, and smart work are key words to success. Success is not just climbing the rungs of the ladder and occupying the top seat, or making a lot of money in a business, but being humane and considerate to others. The Mantra or Charisma of success lies in that.

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