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  • Together We can Do so Much!

         It does not matter whether you're a team member, team lead, manager or even CEO of an organization, your success is defined by your team's success. To be a good team player you must be willing to cooperate, collaborate, share and most importantly you should be willing to put team / organization goals at a higher priority as compared to your own personal goals.

            The difference between a team and a group is that a team is interdependent for overall performance. The members of a group work in isolation. In both the cases, the members work towards completion of an assigned task, but the major difference is, a team member's success is aligned with organizations success and a group member's success is more individualistic. A group qualifies as a team only if its members focus on helping one another to accomplish organizational objectives.
    'Teamwork is the capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and then applying them to one final solution'

    Why Teams?

    ¤ Better in solving problems
    ¤ Quicker in solving problems
    ¤ Different packs of knowledge & expertise
    ¤ Learn from each other
    ¤ Healthy competition
    ¤ Innovative
    ¤ Improved processes and procedures
    The above are not only the very reasons for encouraging Teams but also the characteristics of Successful Teams.
  • Tips to an Individual to work successfully in a Team
  • 12 Cs for Team Work

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