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             Dr. S F Kodad
    Principal, Krishnamurthy
       Inst. of Tech. & Engg.,

         Engineering Drawing or Engineering Graphics is a compulsory subject in all universities offering B.E./ B.Tech courses. It is the universal language of engineers, type of technical drawing and it is also known as Engineering Drafting. Engineering Drawing displays exact picture of an object and is a graphical language that conveys ideas and information from one to another.

         A Design Engineer will design a part or structure and guides the manufacturer to make it. Engineering Drawing Practice (EDP) is an activity of practicing with Engineering Drafter on drawing sheets that produces engineering drawings in the form of documents. Many engineering students feel that EDP is useful only to those who specialize in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and allied branches, but it is not true in reality. Knowledge acquired by practicing the Engineering Drawing will result in creativity and paves way for innovative ideas in subjects of respective branches. How EDP help understanding of subjects belonging to their branches does are described through the following branches of engineering.
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        Dr. S. Narayana Rao
    Associate Professor, Dept.
     of Industrial Engineering,
     GITAM, Visakhapatnam.

         Engineering graphics is a basic course for all undergraduate Engineering programs. Engineering graphics - the creation of engineering drawing is a representation of physical objects/locations on paper. More than just drawing of pictures, it is also a language—a graphical language that communicates ideas and information from one mind to another. Especially, it communicates the most needed information from the engineer who designs parts to the worker who makes it.

         Engineering drawing finds its use in all field works relating to various products and their design. This course is introduced to provide the basic understanding of the fundamentals of Engineering Drawing, mainly visualization, graphics theory, standards and conventions of drawing, the tools of drawing and the use of drawings in engineering applications. This is needed right from conceiving the design of any product, up to the mass production stage and beyond for modification and restructuring.
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