Q. A beam which is fixed at one end and free at the other is called

  • simple supported beam
  • fixed beam
  • overhanging beam
  • cantilever beam
Answer: cantilever beam

Q. When the spring of a watch is wound, it will possess

  • strain energy
  • kinetic energy
  • heat energy
  • electrical energy
Answer: strain energy

Q. One watt is equal to

  • 0.1 Joule/sec
  • 1 Joule/sec
  • 10 Joule/sec
  • 100 Joule/sec
Answer: 1 Joule/sec

Q. The point though which the whole weight of the body acts irrespective of its position is known as

  • moment of inertia
  • center of gravity
  • center of percussion
  • none of these
Answer: center of gravity

Q. A machine having an efficiency less than 50 % is known as

  • reversible machine
  • non-reversible machine
  • either reversible machine or non-reversible machine
  • Ideal machine
Answer: non-reversible machine

Q. Radiation can be detected by

  • ammeter
  • voltmeter
  • electrometer
  • oscillator
Answer: electrometer

Q. The energy is emitted from a body in tiny packets and not as continuous stream. This statement is based on

  • Planks quantum theory
  • Bohrs theory
  • Balmer theory
  • Photo electric field effect
Answer: Planks quantum theory

Q. As open fuse has a resistance of

  • zero
  • infinity
  • about 100 ohms at room temperature
  • at least 1000 ohms
Answer: infinity

Q. Electrical resistance and heating elements are made from

  • brass
  • copper
  • nichrome
  • gun metal
Answer: nichrome

Q. Open circuit test on transformers is conducted to measure

  • core loss
  • friction loss
  • copper loss
  • none of these
Answer: core loss